Graphical Locater Custom Mapper (WDBII)

This program creates a custom Graphical Locater map using the WDBII. It can cover the entire Northwest Quarter of the Earth. It is intended for large area maps with more sparse lines and for areas outside the USA. Use the original Graphical Locater Custom Mapper for smaller areas inside the USA.

Input coordinates are decimal degrees. These can be copied from a Graphical Locater result page. The map area must exceed 50 km in both directions. There are versions of xy-data to convert from degrees, minutes and seconds and to convert from UTM coordinates. TRS-data will convert from Range, Township and Section.

Enter the North latitude
Enter the West and the East longitude
Enter the South latitude

Coast, Islands and Lakes
HUC lines
Image size

22 DEC 2000, updated on 03 APR 2009, D.L. Gustafson