Seneca HUC 04140201 Flow Connections

This unit flows directly into: Oswego HUC 04140203
The flow from this unit terminates in: Canada

The following unit is directly upstream: Oneida HUC 04140202
The total number of upstream units is 1 (These are listed below the map)
The total area of the upstream units is 3892.7 km² ( 1503.6 mi²)

Great Lakes Region Map

Note: connections outside the region (if any) are not shown on the map, but they are included in the text summary above and below the map. The map is linked to Graphical Locater to provide more information and to allow easy navigation between units.

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The downstream units (in order) are:

  1. Oswego HUC 04140203
  2. Lake Ontario HUC 04150200
  3. Upper St. Lawrence HUC 04150301
  4. Grass HUC 04150304
  5. Canada

All upstream units (in arbitrary order) are:

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