Bayou Meto HUC 08020402 Flow Connections

This unit flows directly into: Lower Arkansas HUC 08020401
The flow from this unit terminates in: Atlantic Ocean

This is a headwater unit (no upstream units).

Lower Mississippi Region Map

Note: connections outside the region (if any) are not shown on the map, but they are included in the text summary above and below the map. The map is linked to Graphical Locater to provide more information and to allow easy navigation between units.

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The downstream units (in order) are:

  1. Lower Arkansas HUC 08020401
  2. Lower Mississippi-Greenville HUC 08030100
  3. Lower Mississippi-Natchez HUC 08060100
  4. Lower Mississippi-Baton Rouge HUC 08070100
  5. Lower Mississippi-New Orleans HUC 08090100
  6. Atlantic Ocean

2000 FEB 29, Last updated on 2003 SEP 6.
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