Named places in Clarks Fork Yellowstone HUC 10070006

The following named places were extracted from the GNIS by a program. There will be errors due to position errors in the GNIS and HUC boundary errors as used by the Graphical Locater program. Named places that are very near a HUC boundary are marked with a "?". These were placed in both units to obtain better completeness. Mountain peaks, for example belong in both units. Linear features with 2 position coordinates are split into "head" and "mouth" records. Some of these are reversed, especially for very large features. Stream heads are more prone to being near the boundary of unit. The names are linked to Graphical Locater if you need more information. There are 1790 named places in this file.

Categories of named places (linked if present in this unit)
airport beach cemetery crossing glacier lava park reserve spring unknown
arch bench channel dam gut levee pillar reservoir stream valley
area bend church falls harbor locale plain ridge summit well
arroyo bridge civil flat hospital military po rock swamp woods
bar building cliff forest island mine ppl school tower
basin canal cove gap isthmus oilfield range sea trail
bay cape crater geyser lake other rapids slope tunnel

1999 SEPT 11, last updated on 2002 MAY 31
D.L. Gustafson,
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